Sheikh Zayed's Private Majlis

One of the interesting things to do in Al Ain is visit the Al Ain Palace Museum, where Sheikh Zayed was born and worked as the Ruler's Representative of the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi before becoming Ruler of Abu Dhabi in 1966. The palace has been restored with lots of old furniture and artifacts like dellas, swords, khanjars, and cooking pots. It is probably not completely to its original condition (e.g. I'm betting that the air conditioners are not original). But it still is very interesting (and best of all free). They even have some Emirati clothing that visitors can try on (even wooden burqas for the ladies).


CK said...

Brian: I don't suppose they are open during weekends, are they?

I ask because we live in Dubai and weekends are the only time we drive out to Al-Ain.

That apart, this picture you've posted is really beautiful and we'd like to see it in real time, as well as capture our own images to document our UAE scrapbook.

Brn said...

hi ck,

Yes, they are open on weekends - I took a photo of the hours, intending to post that. I'll do that this afternoon when I can get to the picture.