So, which is it?

I've seen people who argue for President Obama's health care plan do contradict themselves, but seldom as quickly (six and a half minutes) as David Corn does here:

If there is something that supporters know will be unpopular, then they state that whatever it is, it isn't in the bill:

"...nothing like death panels in this bill...".

But if you question them on something that is, then suddenly...

"there is no bill yet.", with the implication that it is unfair to point that out, since we don't know what the end product will be.

To quote the Coens, "Well, which is it, young feller?"


kochumanavalan said...

I would think the insurance companies are in favour of private healthcare. Wonder why.

It's great for those can afford it.

Obama's push for public healthcare may stem from his Christian principles. People need to re-evaulate their positions based on their personal convictions rather than on traditionally backing this or that political party. In the end you answer only to One. That's what you need to be ready for--which political party does He back?

Marcus Aurelius said...

Don't worry about the insurance companies worry about you pocketbook and your heatlh. The Insurance companies, especially the big ones will cope and profit just fine no matter what comes down -- especially if govt/IRS mandates we all buy health policies.

Guess what, the Feds don't get into the nuts & bolts of Dept. of Defense insurance programs the insurance companies do.

There is video of Robert Reich circulating on the 'Net. The Belmont Club (A PJ Media blog) features it prominently because the author was a student of Reich's (though he doesn't agree with Reich's prescriptions).

Robert notes those who are honest about things admit a federal health system will not be as innovative and will result in the young funding greater portion of care for the elderly who will not receive the same level of care as is currently the situation.

kochumanavalan said...

Exactly. Care for those who need it as opposed to care for those who fund it.

Funnily, the divide itself has less to do with age than personal principles.

Selfishness vs. selflessness..the debate rages.

Private vs. public healthcare...the definitions are admittedly mutually exclusive. What you choose to support really depends on you...