How about a spray from my trusty bidet?

Back in the states, the dear children had never seen a bidet. Once we got here, a friend explained how to use one. Although we've never used our bidets for their intended purposes, the little boys have come up with their own creative uses for them.

Let's rewind several months. We were living in the big white house in Khabisi. One afternoon I put the little boys upstairs in separate rooms to nap. The big kids and I buckled down to work in the school room, hoping to finish our lessons uninterrupted for a change. The layout of the house was such that the school room and the bedrooms were on opposite sides of the house. The little boys couldn't hear us (studying math can get rowdy sometimes), and we couldn't hear them.

All of a sudden, in the middle of the math hoopla, my mommy sense started picking up faint distress signals coming from the opposite side of the house. I took off in a flash to rescue whomever was needing my help. I plowed into a sopping, dripping mess in the master bathroom, and P aiming the bidet sprayer at a pitiful, crying O who was drenched and injured.

I'm sure it all started out as great fun. P and O, partners in crime, meeting in the master bathroom to do some experimentation with the water sprayer on the bidet. P, feeling the power of the water spraying through the black nozzle, was most likely not able to stop himself from soaking everything in the bathroom: walls, towels hanging on the racks, the shower curtain, the bathmat, the floor, and finally.......his little brother. O, getting more excited by the second at seeing water flying everywhere, no doubt started laughing wildly, encouraging P to test the limits of the bidet spray......"Hit the ceiling!" he may have shouted. Since no one can expect a 2 year old to stand still when water is flying, O probably started jumping around like a wild monkey, trying to splash in the 2 inches of water that was collecting on the bathroom floor. This is when his fun must have ended abruptly. Moms and lifeguards aren't talking to thin air when they tell kids not to run and jump when there's water on the floor. Poor O slipped and fell, and had a huge lump on his head to remind him days later of his bathroom frolicking. P, on the other hand, was caught red handed with his six shooter in action and hardly a drop of water on his clothes.

Fast forward to last week. Different house, different bidet sprays. Only this time it was O's turn to 'test the waters.' The little boys were put to bed for the night. The big kids were washing dishes, having their water fun for the evening. As I'm picking up the days' clutter, my 'mom sense' goes off again. I hear a little voice echoing down to me from the boys' bedroom........a chant of sorts......flush! flush! flush! flush! I sent Brn upstairs to investigate. O had flooded the floor of the boys' bathroom. He would have succeeded in soaking the entire bathroom if it had not been for P's encouraging cheer. Thank goodness for drains in the bathroom floors and a handy dandy mop within arm's reach!

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