Roundabout Update

Yesterday we were downtown and I got a halfway decent picture of the post-landscaping Murabbaa Roundabout that I previously blogged about here

August 2006:


Big Props to desert dweller for noting in August "I'm sure they're getting this r/a ready for their latest in r/a must haves....the pebble layout."


Punk Dervish said...

It must have been hard to take the picture .I was trying to take the picture of the same place today but the frame erected on the foot bridge was making it difficult to focus

jeSs said...

lool...so i have been in Al Ain for quite a few times already...and i'm used to just a convoy...i follow my friends around and eventually we'd get to the right place...last week i took a trip to Al Ain alone...i feel like there is a million R/A in Al Ain...and i get so dizzy that they at some point look the same...so i feel like i just keep on driving around the same place over and over...so i decided to honk at this guy who had been lookin at me and not the road...i ask him for directions and he said.."Follow me!" ..lol!! and i said.."Oh!...ok I can do that!"...so there i guess when in Al Ain...do it always Convoy style!..