New Al Ain Blogger

This morning I stumbled across a new Al Ain blog, Al Ain Daily Photo. It hasn't been updated since December, but it is filled with lots of intesting photos of Al Ain.

In fact, as I looked closer, I noticed that lots of the photos were more interesting than others. For example, this one from the most recent post. That is a really intesting photo. Especially to me. Especially when I took it last summer and posted it here as part of my roundabout series.

The next post is also interesting. His version: waterfall_3.jpg. My version: waterfall_3.jpg. Yep, he isn't even renaming the files when he takes them.

All together, it looks like he has taken 15 of my photos, without crediting me. So far as I can tell, there are no links to my blog or any other Al Ain bloggers.

The Al Ain Daily Photo Blog is part of a group of blogs, City Daily Photo Blogs. They seem to be completely unaware that this is going on (I just emailed the admins and posted a warning on their forum page). It looks like a great site with lots of beautiful photos.

[Update 2]
OK, now it looks like he has deleted the blog completely.

[Update 3]
I have now created a new Al Ain daily photoblog: http://alain-dailyphoto.blogspot.com/


Joyful Days said...

The photos are beautiful. I am really partial to the camel.

Lisa said...

This doesn't mean that you won't be publishing your photos to this blog any longer, does it? I think that would be terrible!

Brn said...

thanks joyful. I like the camels too.

lisa, I'll probably still post photos here too. I'm just committed to posting one a day at the other place.