Pork Free Pop Tarts

A fellow blogger commented on yesterday's post saying that Pop Tarts contain pork. Some of them do contain pork. However, Kellogs *does* make pork free Pop Tarts. Careful inspection of our boxes of frosted cherry revealed that this flavor does not contain pork gelatin. The strawberry flavor in the orange boxes are made using beef gelatin.

It's kind of hard to read, but this is printed on the bottom of the box. I'm guessing that Kellogs made these pork free so that they would sell in this region. One more thing worth mentioning........these Pop Tarts are a product of the USA.


Marcus Aurelius said...

Well the fun is spoiled for the Hindus. The next iteration will probably contain sheep gelatin and then they have to work on the vegatarians.

Tara said...

That is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

is it really such a big deal that these gelatin molecules came from a pig though? at what point do the atoms and molecules that may have come out of a pig become "not a pig" anymore? remember, after the pig dies, the molecules and individual atoms of the pig go into the ground, and become dirt and grass, which feed cows, which it is possible for muslims to eat.