What a Find!

Since moving to Al Ain, we have found exactly *two* grocery stores here that sell Pop Tarts: Mega Mart in the mall and Abella. Mega Mart only sells the Mint Chocolate flavor. Brn does NOT like those. Even the boys turn their noses up to the 'green kind', as they are called in our home. In the past, Abella has stocked frosted strawberry and a different chocolate flavor. We shopped there this weekend, hoping to buy a couple of boxes to satisfy a craving. Look what we found......................

Brn's *favorite* flavor of Pop Tarts! He is one happy guy!

***These Pop Tarts are perched in a very high spot in our kitchen. The only way I can get to them is by trying to knock a box off with the broom. That doesn't deter the little people from trying, though. Every time I go into the kitchen, I see that someone has pushed a chair up to the counter in a feeble attempt to climb the 'mountain' to attain the 'prize'.


samuraisam said...

Pop tarts contain pork.

From what I can recall they were relatively common and cheap in Dubai until someone found out they containted pork products, whereupon they disappeared for a while.
Recently I've seen them in the pork section in Spinneys, Jumeirah.

Joyful Days said...

I can't imagine not seeing something like that on the shelves in the breakfast aisle at the store.

I have one of those high-up hiding places that even I can't reach. But I am thinking of reorganizing so they can start waiting on themselves. LOL.

Bss said...

If we kept the Pop Tarts where the little people could reach them, they would be gone within a day's time! lol I keep a hefty stash of granola bars in the bottom pantry so that they can grab a snack whenever they need one. Some days, that's all O eats.

Marcus Aurelius said...

At Prisunic I ran into a product that had pork in it. I notified the store about this and they removed it. I did see the cans of soup turn up later at the Choitrams.

i*maginate said...

LOL .. cute!! I wish a had a nice home, kids and pop tarts to hide :((

LOL at the "green ones"

Btw when I say lol I *mean* lol ;)

Your posts make me laugh!