Reward for Good Driving

So Damas is offering a reward for three years of clean driving. But the story is awful thin on details, so it isn't clear what exactly is going on. Amoung the unanswered questions:

- Is this open to all nationalities or only nationals?
- Are the three years retroactive or does it have to be three years starting now?

There is an old expression that the "devil is in the details" so it is difficult to judge this proposal without those details. I know of a case where a company made a very splashy announcement about donating equipment to a university, garnering publictiy for themselves.

But when the actual equipment arrived, it was so shoddy that the recipients were actually worse off than it was before the donation. Obviously I'm not accusing Damas of doing something like this here. But it would be nice to see the details of the proposal.

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