What a Difference the Next Day Makes

So I noted last week that Emirates Today seems to be taking a pro-censorship stance at nearly the same time that the Gulf News was reporting a "victory for freedom of expression and press".

On Thursday, the Gulf News seems to be shooting back with the editorial "The present-day predicament of Arabs". In it, Munir Daair argues that "The most significant contributor to ... [the] lack of self sufficiency and meaningful progress in Arabia is the absence of freedom of thought and expression."

I don't know enough to know if that is true or not. It seems plausible, but then I am also in danger of confirmation bias here. I'll let you read his words and decide for yourself. I do know that in the US we view freedom of expression as a strength, a benefit that makes our society stronger.


Keefieboy said...

That was a damn fine article.

secretdubai said...

It was brilliant. I will quote from it in future, next time the "west-is-worse" comments come up.

UAE Students said...

I read Munir Daair's piece and was pleased the G.N published it. These days freedome of expression is limited to the blogsphere...so let's keep it going.

Anonymous said...

GN also published a similar piece last week.