Bad Weather and Bad Decisions

Yesterday Bss had a doctor's appointment in Dubai, so we experienced the low visibility conditions that the GN reports on here, but it was even worse in the afternoon between Dubai and Al Ain.

We had just gotten across the Abu Dhabi border when the wind really picked up. Visibility was probably less than a kilometer and then it started raining — actually raining isn't right, it was pouring. The highway, which is not designed for water runoff, quickly developed deep puddles. By the time we got to Al Ain, there was some pretty spectacular lightning.

The bad decisions came when we saw several people who, during the worst of the lightning strikes, parked their cars directly under underneath the electrical transmission towers, which are all metal and were by far the tallest things in the area. While no one went so far as to actually paint a bullseye on their roof, they might as well have. Fortunately, no one seems to have been struck.

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