I really wish that the reporters at the Gulf News had the same amount of curiosity as I do.

Today's paper reports that "Legislators urged to set law banning rent-a-womb".

First off, shouldn't the story define exactly what they mean by "rent-a-womb"? Is it just surrogate motherhood where the surrogate is being paid (sample story here).

Now, there are some really complicated issues involved in these types of issues. It involves questions of ethics and science and their intersection. Every nation is going to have to make its own decision on where to draw the lines. The questions raised need to be looked at carefully by ethical and religious leaders and scientists.

So why are the police involved in this? What special expertise do they bring to this? And what does the fact that the Dubai police were "pioneer[s] in benefiting from the DNA technology" and used it to solve the Wafi robbery have to do with any of this?

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kochumanavalan said...

Perhaps it's because if they were as curious as you are, BRN, they'd be busy asking questions and not publishing news...since the answers might not be -er- forthcoming.

Moreover, they might be accused of being nosy.