Three New Al Ain Blogs

Welcome to Al Ain and our blogging community to a husband (A novices guide to Al Ain) and wife (Round-about Al Ain) new to our town.

Also welcome to Michael & Kerry at M and K in UAE, recent expat transplants from Doha.

Be sure to stop by and make all of them welcome.


Michael & Kerry said...

Thanks for the welcome. Actually have been reading your blog since I first found out I may be heading to Al Ain. Keep up the good work!

Cheryl and Ron said...

Hi there - we are brand new to Al Ain and have started our blog at www.cherylandron.blogspot.com if you are interested. My sister in Australia found your blog with furniture for sale a couple of days after we headed off to IKEA in Dubai - damn!I will be updating ours soon - we have only been here a week! I hope your wife's health investigations have gone well so far. It is always concerning when people are sick and the cause is not obvious. Cheers Cheryl