Instructions - Updated

This sign is posted at the office here in Al Ain where you register (and renew) your car. I sure hope that it makes more sense in Arabic than it does in English.

Amira Al Hussaini has translated the Arabic on the sign as "Please park your vehicle in the designated parking lot and proceed to the waiting area to collect a receipt for your vehicle inspection from the information desk". Check out that link for some other very funny signs.


Anonymous said...

LOL! You had me rolling on the floor with that sign!!

Aussie said...

I wonder if it is the tickets or the vehicles that are exhumed. I wasn't aware that either of these items would be buried in the first place. But then, many things about Al Ain are quite strange!

It's amusing that someone believes that this 'pass(es) as information!'

Al Ain Taxi said...

Saw the furniture sale. Are you leaving???

Brn said...


Not right now, but perhaps before too long. It is a little complicated. I'm going to put up a post about it later today.

Marcus Aurelius said...

That sign makes as much sense as anything else in that department!

At the end of my UAE days I was trying to sell my car and the Traffic Police could not get their act together to get the title transfer done. I was about to pushy my two point two hamster Honda over the cliff on top of Jebel Hafeet to join the other car wrecks at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Probably 'exhumation' was meant to be 'examination', but the whole message still needs unravelling. I often enjoy myself just trying to do that.

BTW, the the Hili border checkpoint had several signs with this message when it first opened: "Please appear the passport." I noticed that the signs were later replaced with "Please produce passorts" or soemthing like that.

You may also remember I drew your attention once to a sign at the women's waiting room in Al Ain Hospital which said: "Please do not enter a man."

Anonymous said...

Kindly excuse rotten spellings above.