Blog Reading Level

I make no claim for the accuracy of this, but according to the Blog Readability Test:



Humairah Irfan said...

I wouldn't doubt you're a genius :) but it tells me my blog's reading level is high school which has to be ridiculous! This must be a random generator thing. I plugged in blogs of my friends and it gave me very opposite results!

Brn said...

Thanks, I guess you are just a genius too for being able to read it? :)

You may be right about it being random, but I tried it with this URL about three times and it always came up the same - maybe it remembers what it told you before.

The whole concept of reading level is pretty silly if you asked me. When Bss (who majored in Education and Music, speaking of geniuses) was in college, she showed me some of the ways that reading level was evaluated. It usually worked out to a formula about length of sentences and the like. But long sentences don't automatically make something smart reading, and a lot of really deep things are short too.