I have to admit it, I hate high beam flashers. In the US, doing that is very rude, but I've slowly gotten used to it, and bear it with something close to tolerance now. But here in Al Ain (or maybe just me) the headlight flashers seem to be getting worse.

In the past few weeks, I have seen people flashing their high beams at people for things that I cannot remember before, like:

  • flashing at someone who they think is driving to slowly in the middle lane, even though the left lane is open for passing

  • flashing at me 10 meters from a roundabout in the middle of town even though it was clear (from the fact that I had my left turn signal on) that I needed to be in the left lane

  • worst of all, flashing me when I'm in the middle lane (and showing no sign of leaving it) and they are passing me on the left

Has anyone else noticed this change or am I crazy? (I know, those are not mutually exclusive.)

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Anonymous said...

I have notice the flashing of high beams as well. It seems to follow with the honking of the horn. I would attribute this to the high level of impatience especially on the road I have experience thus far in the country/culture.