So as I told you before, we have had some problems with our some of our neighbors in the past. Now we have been having a new problem and I am not sure what to do about it.

Three or four kids that live a couple of houses down have decided that it is fun to mess with us. Mostly they are repeatedly ringing the door bell and then running away when we open the door, but they also have been kicking the courtyard door and opening the back hatch of the car and once put a piece of wood on the handles of our courtyard door, which made it impossible to open.

I tried to confronting them once; when they ran around the corner of the house after ringing the bell, I went the other way and caught them trying to hide behind the wall of one of the other villas. They first claimed that it wasn't them that did it and then that they didn't speak any English (despite knowing enough to understand my first question). Since I am pretty sure I know where they live, my first thought is to go talk to their parents, but some other examples of similar problems do not make this sound encouraging (as well as the strong possibility of the language barrier). Calling the police seems excessive, plus past experience has taught me that trying to explain to the police how to get here would be a problem. I'm tempted to get some water balloons and lie in wait for them on the roof of the house and get them next time they try a ring and run attack.


kochumanavalan said...

Nuisance, undoubtedly, but I advise against water baloons or anything that makes you look like the aggressor. Their parents won't lose any time in getting the Police, should that happen.

I might suggest lying in wait for them, camera at the ready, "catch" them in the act, and then emerge from your vantage point, casually continuing to take pictures. Chances are this could solve the problem permanently. (Fear of photographic evidence is somehow a strong inhibitor with these hooligans.)

If ever worst comes to worst, at least you will have incontrovertible evidence.

All ze best.

Duffy said...

They're bored and are looking for something to do. You have two choices, ignore them and they'll probably get tired of a lack of response and look for something else to do.