End of Roundabouts

With the post about the Globe Roundabout, I have now finished all my planned roundabout posts. Thanks so much to everyone who has let me know that they enjoyed these posts and for sharing comments.

Starting next week I will be taking Mohammed's idea to post some of the beautiful mosques of Al Ain.

Here is a list of all the roundabouts covered:

Sheikh Zayed Roundabout

"Greenhouse" Roundabout

Al Ain Hospital Roundabout

Jabal Roundabout

Murabbaa Roundabout

Deer Roundabout

Tawam Hospital Roundabout

Sheikha Salama Mosque Roundabout

Zoo Roundabout

Diwan Roundabout

Baladiya Roundabout

Sheikh Mubarak Roundabout

Al Qala Roundabout

Other Jabal Roundabout

Other Coffee Pot (or Al Foah) Roundabout

My Favorite Roundabout

Mandoos Roundabout

Planning Roundabout

"Pizza Hut" Roundabout

Globe Roundabout


Mohammed UK said...

Thank you! Looking forward to it.

elle said...

A Job well done Brn! The roundabout series was great. Thank you! I look forward to the mosque series.

Lulu said...

Congrats on a really fascinating series - absolutely loved reading about the roundabouts - will look more carefully at them next time we are in AA!!
Yes please, do a series on mosques and maybe even interesting shops.
Can we import you to Abu Dhabi???
Best regards, Lulu

al buxman said...

Good on yer, BRN. You done our town proud. Any friends or relatives of mine wanting to know more about the city I live in--I'll be pointing them to your blog.

mj said...
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Sylvia said...

Thank you for posting. I lived in Al Ain for 11 years and wish I had recorded the R/As as well as you. Lots of Al Ainers appreciate your entries.

Brn said...

Thank you Sylvia, I'm glad that you and so many others enjoyed it. I'm especially glad that I did this now that so many of them have been removed. We visited Al Ain a few weeks ago and hardly recognized the place.